Our Story


At DC Outdoors working in the outdoors is not just a job, it's a way of life. We are on our own adventure and invite you to join us. 

From a young age, Dan knew that he wanted to work as an outdoor instructor. Having visited outdoor activity centres with youth groups, and taken a walking holiday with school, Dan joined his local climbing wall in preparation and waited for the for the opportunity to start his instructor training.  

At 17, Dan was accepted early on to a 2-year instructor training course at the Frontier Centre, where he learnt his trade. Developing intensive skills training in archery, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, team building and leadership, Dan put this into practice with the wide and diverse groups coming through the centre. He left with experience, passion and all his qualifications. A great proving ground and way of getting started in the outdoor activity industry.

After gaining more experience and qualitifcations at another outdoor centre, Dan re-joined the team at the Frontier Centre but now as a Trainer, looking after the new trainee instructors. Training has become a passion. Dan loves watching as clients or students grow and improve.  

Newly married and wanting to be nearer the Peak District, Dan and his wife moved up to Sheffield marking a new chapter in the adventure. Here Dan began his freelance career and relished working among the many outdoor centres the Peaks house, as well as some further afield in Scotland, the Lake District and Wales.  

After a period of 10 years, having gained a great reputation for high quality delivery, the opportunity arose for Dan to take on a new adventure as Head of Paddlesport at Ulley Activity Centre – a centre run by a school academy. As well as doing the paperwork, Dan delivered Outdoor GCSEs in Climbing, Archery, Orienteering, Hillwalking, Canoeing and Kayaking as well as KS3 enrichment sessions and after school clubs. After three years this part of Dan's adventure ended with voluntary redundancy as the education system faced financial squeeze. 

DC Outdoors is the latest chapter in Dan's adventure. You're invited to join in.